Minimum Viable Product

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) provides a customized and comprehensive solution to customers in the form of an implementable MVP development strategy. A MVP mainly focuses on minimizing expenditure and development cost, in addition to this, it lessens effort invested in extensive product development.

Nearly half of the startup fails in the initial phase mainly because of the reasons like having no relevancy with the market, limited resources, lack of competition analysis, and on top of this launching product or service without testing. At the same time, the product that is not user friendly and consists of a flawed marketing strategy or customer needs also results in the failure of more than 70 percent of Start-ups’, thus, adopting an MVP strategy before officially launching a startup or a product can save viable financial resources and efforts.

Some standard example of MVP development and MVP software development includes crowdfunding projects and product demos, additionally landing pages that convert is additionally categories under the example of MVPs. However, on numerous occasions MVP is also used as a testing tool to validate any tool or software before its development. Further, it can be used to develop a mobile application, website, and including tangible products or services.

Despite the feature of validating and testing, MVP delivers a comprehensive and achievable solution containing effective techniques to make products, websites, and MVP software design attractive to early adopters via sleek, user-friendly design and compact features after conducting preliminary feedback on product and website from initial users. Minimum viable product software development aimed at generating higher ROI for customers.

At Omnicode Solutions, we develop MVPs for clients by using Ruby, Python, and JavaScript, amongst other technologies. In addition, we are also able provide a team of specialists.

3 ways Omnicode Solutions MVP development service can benefit you:

MVP is a process of gradual and continuous growth either for software, website, or for a product. Because of its importance, it is equally beneficial for an established company or for a startup to implement an MVP strategy before an official launch of your product or services.

1. Design Sprint – 5 day business analysis:

It is the newer and up to date version of the original design sprint process. This provides an initial cost-effective version of a startup additionally it is also used by the large organization to test the potential of a project in less than a week. Ultimately it helps to save time and money by having an early assessment before initiating and testing a final version of a proper project. Via the Design Sprint, you can compress the longer-term project completion schedule ranging from 12 to 26 months in a week. Within a week you test and visually assess the prototype for its potential and market competition, thus, it provides a quick completion picture and expected ROI analysis of a project in less than a week.

2. Pilot or preliminary testing: 

MVP development initiates a preliminary test to evaluate potential, threats, and user interaction with the prototype. Instead of running a test on a complete product, it utilizes the main functions and features to collect customers or market feedback to improve the product. Along with this, it helps in devising effective marketing strategy before launch thus, at a minimum cost it provides a comprehensive and rich overview of the product or services’ potential in real-time.

3. Customer & market insights: 

The most important thing either for a startup or for an established business is to get a rich product or project potential report from the market. Those startups that do not conduct market research often lack to grasp the early adopter customer attention. However, comparatively, to this, the project launched after a comprehensive market and customer need analysis provide huge ROI, additionally, these projects become trending within a market in an early period of launch.

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